NCAT Announces Lamborghini Giveaway

You Read That Correctly

Whether or not it seems hard to believe, the NCAT community has been growing tremendously over the last two weeks and, as a community, we continue to focus on the motto that looking out for each other is our number one priority.

And now…it’s time to give back.

Alpha Capital has been so impressed with the growth and communication of the NCAT community that they have reached out and come to the decision to sponsor a giveaway for NCAT holders. It is without further ado NCAT is proud to announce…. the NCAT Community Lamborghini Giveaway.

Let’s say it again….

The NCAT Community Lamborghini Giveaway

Alpha Capital will be giving away a Lamborghini Huracan (or 350k USDT Equivalent) to one lucky NCAT holder. The rules are simple, but must be followed exactly to qualify. Please read through and make sure absolutely everything is followed.

Participants must do the following
- Follow NCAT Token (@ncattoken) on Twitter
- Follow Alpha Capital (@AlphaCapitalVen) on Twitter
- Follow Alpha Capital Newsletter on Telegram
- Retweet the NCAT Lambo Giveaway Tweet with #NCATLambo and #AlphaLambo
-Hold a minimum of 100 Billion NCAT and join the TG proving you hold the minimum requirement (

Participants receive one raffle ticket for every 100 Billion NCAT they hold and number of entires is unlimited. Once you enter the TG proving you hold at least 100 Billion NCAT you MAY buy additional NCAT at any time to add on to your entries. However, SELLING ANY NCAT DURING THE CHALLENGE WILL DISQUALIFY YOU FROM THE CONTEST.

The winner will be drawn on May 6th, 2021 or once NCAT reaches a 250 Million Dollar MarketCap (whichever comes last) and when the winner is chosen they must burn 100 Billion NCAT and will then be given the Lamborghini Huracan.

And That’s Not All…..
Once the winner is drawn and the Lamborghini (or 350k USDT equivalent) is given away, holders should continue to hold to stay entered in the next, bigger, competition that will take place when NCAT reaches a 500 Million Dollar MarketCap. This giveaway is only phase one.

In the meantime, NCAT will continue to deliver on its community initiatives including its DAO, NFTs, CEX listing, and more.

Now, what do you say? Who’s ready to win a Lambo?

We’re a BSC Token and we’re going to have some fun!!!

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