You Read That Correctly

Whether or not it seems hard to believe, the NCAT community has been growing tremendously over the last two weeks and, as a community, we continue to focus on the motto that looking out for each other is our number one priority.

And now…it’s time to give back.

Alpha Capital has been so impressed with the growth and communication of the NCAT community that they have reached out and come to the decision to sponsor a giveaway for NCAT holders. It is without further ado NCAT is proud to announce…. the NCAT Community Lamborghini Giveaway.

Let’s say it again….


NCAT Rises.

Dearest Kittens:

It’s amazing what a few short days can do, isn’t it? It may seem as if each second slowly ticks by and impatience grows, but then, as if demanded, momentum picks up and the snowball that once started off so incredibly small begins to roll and grow and grow and grow until it has such strength and power that it can no longer be stopped. And, my friends, here we are, at that cusp….

12 days. That’s all it took to begin to get noticed by bigger and bigger circles. 12 days of word of mouth to reach the point…


The NCAT team would like to personally thank everyone who contributed donations to raise funds for a WhiteBIT exchange listing. In less than 24 hours the goal for a raise was met and NCAT will continue to work to get listed on its first CEX.

With the creation of the DAO coming in to view, we are at the cusp of a very exciting time for NCAT. We’d like to thank all of the community for its support! Without you, NCAT is nothing!

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Community Strong

The release of NCAT and the week that followed have been nothing short of amazing. Since the release, NCAT has amassed over 5200 holders as well as hit all the milestones expected in tokens that are in their infancy (CMC, Gecko, Contract Verification, Audit, Etc) and now continues on its way to listen to its communities needs.

While the community has been phenomenal and are well aware that NFTs as well as the DAO are in the works, one thing has been spoken about time and again that the NCAT team can no longer deny: An exchange listing.

NCAT Community Listing Initiative


We Wuv You!

Dearest $NCAT Community-

Wow. What a few days it has been. As we launched and commented on building our way out of this galaxy and into another stratosphere, we had no idea the overwhelming support would be so quick. We’ve achieved so much in such a short amount of time. Even today we added BLOCKFOLIO and continue to work on moving into the next phases of the $NCAT experience.

Needless to say, it has been an unbelievable 3 days. Absolutely unbelievable.

However, we also think it is best to address an issue that arose today involving us and just let…

Buying $NCAT Token

Hi friends and lovers! Do you love us? Because we love you!

Anyway….let’s cut to the chase! You’re probably reading this medium because you are interested in buying $NCAT (We don’t blame you) but are confused and don’t really know how. Well…WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

We hope this step-by-step guide (with pictures) will help make the process incredibly easy for you and explain what to do and how to do it.

STEP 1: Make sure you have BNB and you are on the BSC on your wallet. This is not an ERC-20 token used with Ethereum. There are many…

NCat Token

We’re a BSC Token and we’re going to have some fun!!!

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